Tuesday, 25 October 2011

MCM Expo: This Weekend

(Spiralling collection cover)
It's that time again for T'sao Wei and myself to pack our bags full of comic things and hop on the buses toward London's MCM Expo. I'll be there on Friday through to Sunday with Wei joining me from Saturday onwards.

Here's what I'll be bringing along:
  • Mini Petunia Rascal issue 1, Find out what happens when Petunia and her crew take some time off and visit a theme park.
  • Spiralling issue one, Forty pages of askew entanglement in full colour.    
  • Set of four postcards featuring Spiralling and Coldharbour characters.
I'll also have Neon Loneliness, Petunia Rascal, and a set of Petunia Rascal badges.

(Petunias and Postcards)

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